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Denimheads: What Jeans Are Right For You

Denimheads: What Jeans Are Right For You With 2018 nearly upon us, maybe it’s time to upgrade your jeans. But do you know your  jeans fit, or do you just literally go in and but a pair of jeans that are the same as you have always had?  The chances are you have worn your jeans more than any other item in your wardrobe, and have the right fit is pretty important if you want to look your best, your girl will have her special ass jeans , that will... Read More

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It’s Time To Buy A Topcoat Right Now

It’s Time To Buy A Topcoat Right Now It’s all very well having a few jackets, a blazer and maybe a puffer coat in your wardrobe, but you cant beat that quality and classic look of having a topcoat. We know that once you’ve tried one on and seen just how smart it’ll look over your workwear suit, your chinos and turtleneck, jeans and sweater, you’ll be a changed man. Hugo Boss Black The trick to finding a good coat is the cut and details, we’re talking coats cut slim,... Read More

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How To Dress For Those Christmas Parties 

How To Dress For Those Christmas Parties  You have to admit that Christmas brings a great time for parties and time for a little dressing up. Whether you’re going to an informal office party or a little soirée, or a get together Christmas party, you’re going to have to dress the part. So if your party life is relaxed, traditional or just as smart as you can look. Obviously the best party outfit is the one that makes you feel good and also suits the bash. So firstly make sure you... Read More

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3 Coats You Need This Winter

3 Coats You Need This Winter Well it’s definitely getting crispy-cold and even more of a good reason to get yourself or put it on your Christmas list, and that’s  a good, and versatile winter coat. The Peacoat: A peacoat and boots go hand-in-hand in winter. So mitts time to get a classic, versatile and good-looking peacoat. This versatile little number is great worn with jeans, and even better when you want to up your look with your everyday suit. Just add a scarf and your good to go. Because,... Read More

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A Wallet for Christmas: It’ll Last Him Forever

A Wallet for Christmas: It’ll Last Forever Men are notoriously tricky when it comes to buying presents at Christmas. They fear change, and are the first to profess they don’t need anything for the big Xmas day, yet are needy and are secretly hoping for a very large pile of presents. Textured leather adds some visual interest  Armani Jeans Wallets Buying a wallet for a guy at Christmas is probably one of those gifts that you might feel would be a little bit boring. Something to keep your belongings... Read More

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Man Bags: Essential Gifts for Christmas

Man Bags: Essential Gifts for Christmas It’s not a myth that men are hard to buy for at Christmas, it’s just getting the right present for the right guy and that means looking at the way he dresses, is he a suit and tie type of guy, that works in the office or is he a guy that runs a local coffee shop, works in a  bank or even works in a shop. E47 by Emporio Armani sporty messenger bag   Guess Messenger shoulders bag They all have... Read More

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5 Great Gifts for Him This Christmas

5 Great Gifts for Him This Christmas It’s not that far away, so we’re here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for him. No really it’s not a myth, and it’s not impossible either. We’ve found five great pieces of Christmas inspiration that make some husband, brother, uncles or best mate, very happy on Christmas morning! Here’s our guide on what you should fill his stocking with….. Hackett Check Blazer/Jacket When there is a time for layering, there are a few pieces that come in more useful then... Read More

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Beanies: Bringing Personality To Your Look

Beanies: bringing personality to your look Are you ready for your autumn/winter beanie? Don’t just wear them on a Saturday run to the football match or to the local pub, these bad boys can look just as good with your workwear suit and your casual jeans and peacoat. The classic workman’s beanie look has become widely associated with ‘hipster’ style, and besides giving a unique look to your outfit. These little head warmers come with some stylish rules, you just have to remember that it’s a hat that vines with... Read More

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Tattoos: Happiness & Exile

Tattoos: Happiness & Exile Looking to start your first tattoo? Where do you start, with something small on the back or on the arms, legs, torso? The link between tattoos and fashion has been fashionable since the 1860’s and probably before that. So it isn’t that new but in the last few years, tattoos have gone from being something hidden to central and celebrated in Fashion. And while there are many true English men who have tattoos, David Beckham is often the one who we see as having beautiful adornment... Read More

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Gloves: We’ll Hand It To You

Gloves: We’ll hand it to you When it starts to get to that time of the year when your fingers turn a shade of blue from the freezing artic cold, you need something a little better than the fingerless gloves that you’ve had done puberty. So one good accessory that is one must buy this winter is a good pair of gloves, and you might find it surprisingly rewarding as they must keep your fingers warm and be as sleek as hell. And when you put them on you should... Read More