September 2013

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G-Star Raw “Destroy to Construct” AW13 Campaign

G-Star Raw “Destroy to Construct” AW13 Campaign A new campaign and a new dramatic, energetic and powerful look from G-Star Raw for this AW13 look. With rock band Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, who also composed the music for the film and the beautiful US ballerina Keenan Kampa, despite coming from opposite creative fields, the rock star and ballerina share a common passion for pushing artistic boundaries. In striking and dark poses, the have personified the campaigns “Destroy to Construct” art of denim celebration. The film is a combination of stills,... Read More

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Boys in Beanies

With the cold weather approaching, it’s time to get those beanies out. Do you think that a beanie is function over fashion? Or do you use your beanie looks for purpose and secondly for the style? So, for all you guys that are late to the winter provisions game, mix and match styles, clash aesthetics and follow your dress style, because wherever you want to wear your beanie, office, street style, or out in the veining, it’s pretty acceptable, except maybe in a formal restaurant. The key way to wear... Read More

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Luke Roper: Luke 1977 Detailed. Masculine. Edgy. British.

Luke Roper: Luke 1977 Detailed. Masculine. Edgy. British. Luke Roper is the genius behind the brand Luke 1977, born in 1977, and rising from his humble start from his native Walsall Wood in the West Midlands, to start his aptly name company of Luke 1977. His  father John worked in farming  and mother was a wedding dress designer, who gave him the early start of love of fashion. Surrounded by fabrics and patterns, it became a natural progression to follow in his mother’s footsteps into the designing world. Developing into... Read More

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Hoodies: Infinitely Popular

  Hoodies: Infinitely Popular The hoodie: For men it’s the perfect utilitarian piece of clothing. It’s a classic that is probably in most men’s wardrobes. Infinitely popular, relaxing and cool, it will go with most looks, whether, jeans, chino’s shorts or smart trousers on the way to work. But there are many ways to wear hoodies, from lazy  weekend mornings  or for simply keeping warm, and the great things about a hoodie is that the options are endless. So it’s a way to take the hoodie and utilising it into stylish styles... Read More

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Trainers: Work Them

Trainers: Work Them You can tell a lot by a man’s shoes, so they say, so is it acceptable to wear trainers, other than with sports. or jeans, or casually, or can you wear them with a more formal attire and get away with it? The point is that now trainers have become far more fashionable and far more in keeping with modern trends and and so designers are certainly going with the flow. And classic trainers have become the mainstream everyday shoe, it’s the one pair of shoes that... Read More

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Workday Workwear

Workday Workwear Were looking at workwear, whether you work in an office, studio or in a more formal place, as conferences, whatever ever and whatever your job, it’s imperrative that you wear office appropriate clothing.  Like it or not, most of us spend close to all our waking weekday hours in an office. If you have to be suited and booted then  suit is a staple in a man’s wardrobe. You are going to need at least one good suit, since this is probably going to last you a long time,... Read More

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The Art of layering for Autumn

 The Art of layering for Autumn It’s getting to that time where it’s out with the tees and shorts and in with the knitwear, jackets and chunky jackets. You can get a great layering look with virtually any colour although black will always play an predominant part in any guys style. The way to go is to layer up the colours, black with a burst of something bright, red, pale blue and even pink, although the favourite will always be a neutral colour. It’s playing safe, but with overcoats and... Read More