May 2014

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Style Icon: Nick Wooster

Style Icon: Nick Wooster “There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.” – Nick Wooster The retail maven and street-style star Nick Wooster, his full name, Nickelson Wooster, is a man knows how to put together an outfit. Bringing on Nick Wooster, perhaps the most famous man and definitely the most famous moustache in men’s-wear. With slicked back 50s-style hair, beard, tailored suits, crisp shirts and striped ties is a a well groomed gentleman.... Read More

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Diesel Black and Gold SS2014

Diesel Black and Gold  SS2014 Italian designer, Renzo Rosso, founded Diesel in 1978, with the goal of creating an unconventional line of apparel free from the fashion industry’s slavish trend-following. Giving his design team broad stylistic freedom, the label grew into a pioneering international design company that today produces a wide range of cutting-edge denim, apparel and accessories. For Andreas Melbostad’s second season at the helm of the label, The Norwegian-born designer started his career at London’s Royal College of Art, where he was discovered by famed designer Alber Elbaz,... Read More

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Knitwear + Suits: The Art of layering

Knitwear + Suits: The Art of layering When the colder season strikes, it seems to be the norm to now layer up your suits instead of braving the cold in just a shirt. But the question is how to layer up in knitwear and still keep that formal office workwear look. Wearing a v-neck will give your tie more room to breathe, allowing you to show off your shirt and tie combination.  Just be wary of the depth/drop of your neckline: a deep ‘v’ can look extremely sloppy and much... Read More

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Plain White T-shirt Makes Men More Attractive

Plain white T-shirt makes men more attractive Men wearing a simple T-shirt look more attractive to women, apparently  it can make a man twelve percent more attractive to women. So who would have though that the simple, plain white tee could have such an effect of women. Even though this item of clothing sounds incredibly simple to wear, many men have found a variety of ways to sport the plain tee. But the truth of the matter is, the white  t-shirt looks great with  the simplest of outfits, to the... Read More

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Colour Focus: Pale Blue

 Colour Focus: Pale Blue The colour pale blue is everywhere this season. Blue is a happy colour and probably one of the most used colour in a man’s wardrobe. Pretty transitional, it’s a colour that stretches from every piece of clothing imaginable. so doubling it up comes pretty easy and this colour comes is every colour on the spectrum. Men have a choice from pocket squares to trainers to add some powder blue into their wardrobe. Pale blue is probably the next most popular blue to dark blue, but in denim it... Read More


BassBuds: The Sound of Fashion

BassBuds: The Sound of Fashion BassBuds blending incredible style, outstanding performance, high performance in-ear earphones, with a mic + MP3 controller and are compatible with all smartphones. With one of the largest colour ranges on the web, there’s a pair of BassBuds to suit all your style preferences and cutting-edge technology across the world’s largest colour range. The radiance and close attention to detail show how much BassBuds earphones stand out from most others. Luxurious aesthetics and noteworthy sound are the key elements that define BassBuds. Created to deliver stylish music devices... Read More

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Cuffed Up: The Trouser Trend 2014

Cuffed Up: The Trouser Trend 2014 It now seems that it’s the norm, for every guy to cuff up his trousers. Controversial  or not, liked or not, it’s what everyones wearing, from jeans, chino’s, sweatpants and  even down to finished off the work suit, although try explaining that to your boss in the boardroom. Making a steady rise in 2014, this year’s cuff has a distinctly more futuristic feel than previous incarnations. Slim and neat is the way to wear this trend and guys under 5″7 should avoid since it is... Read More

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Versace SS14 Collection

 Versace SS14 Collection Versace SS 14 is as dramatic as it is masculine. Donatella opened the show with seven outfits that represented her own Versace icons—the way we were—before unleashing her latest collection—the way we will be.. Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace, who apprenticed at his mother’s dressmaking shop and run by his sister, Donatella, since his 1997 death, Versace is Italy’s numero uno bastion of sexy.  The start of the catwalk was shown with black tailoring and a black lace shirt finished with a classic Versace sandal., followed with loafers,... Read More