August 2014

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Military March for AW14/15

Military March for AW14/15 Want to get the military and sports luxe, masculine and functional, army-inspired design, then refine your AW14/15 wardrobe as military and work wear come with great influences and seem to  continue this year. The military styling,  looks, styling, patterns and textures continues it’s hold on modern menswear. Military wear has been worn down through the years, inspired from for battlefields, worn by the forces on and off camps, and giving designers the inspiration that has been worn as a street style look, transformed, reworked, added and simplified... Read More


Have we reached ‘peak beard’?

  Have we reached ‘peak beard’? They are hardly new, beards that is, and the more men who grow beards, the less attractive facial hair becomes to women, according to academic research. Are we at saturation point? Chinstrap, stubble, whiskers, whatever you call it, there’s no denying that the past 12 months was the year of the beard. From the latest catwalk shows, the beard is in full force, and there seems to be many a model who isn’t sporting the full fisherman look. The problem with beards, is that... Read More

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Layer Up: Quilted Jackets

Layer Up: Quilted Jackets   There is something about the autumn and winter that brings out the quilted jackets and coats.  for those freezing icy, chilly days, A design synonymous with country living, worn to work, the pub, shopping at the weekend, football, in the city running errands, or if you go for a weekend in the countryside, quilted jackets are nearly always appropriate. From folky to sporty, the quilted trend resembles royal outdoor luxe the quilted jacket comes with contemporary re-workings and heritage styles from labels such as Lavenham... Read More

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Polo Necks: Bring the Classics Back

Polo Necks: Bring the Classics Back What’s the knitwear that the guys will be wearing this AW 14? Well it seems the polo neck sweater has made a bit of a fashion comeback. Will this look become everybody’s favourite knitwear item. The Autumn/Winter 14 look goes back in time to draw on some strong heritage influences, it’s all about bringing the classics back with a dash of newness. The polo neck sweater has become the new ‘in’ for winter fashion but only at one condition: don’t have the sweater skin... Read More

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Blue is the New Black

Blue is the New Black This season right through to SS15, navy blue is the new black among the fresh trends that have popped up on the runways and campaigns. The “almost black” shades of SS 2014 and FW 14 lighten up just a bit for SS 2015, but still maintaining a saturated look and we find that navy blue is replacing black for the classic menswear this summer right through to the cold season. Multiple shades of indigo seem contemporary when styled together as a monochrome look, and inky... Read More