March 2015

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Get Shorty for summer

Get Shorty for summer You may not be thinking about it right now, well maybe, but with the potential of some clear sky and summer heading our way or you may be already donning them and yes we’re talking about shorts. But it’s ok if you just want to chuck on a tee and a pair of old shoes, but there is a much better and stylish way to wear them this season. So give it a few weeks and get them out, as a classic denim short and printed... Read More

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White Out

White Out Not for everyone and at a push maybe only worn  in the height of summer, but all white is a trend that could just a  look that you would want to try. And the top designers like Armani and D&G stepped it up on the fashion shows. It is by no means a new trend, but now named ‘the new black’ we would suppose that  this colour would make sense! No longer for a game of tennis or smashing a ball against a wall, or playing on the village... Read More

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Blazers: Wear Them EveryDay

Blazers: Wear Them EveryDay There are many types of blazers from structured to unstructured, plain, checked, fitted, loose, short or long, but however you want to look at them, they are a wardrobe necessity. A structured jacket is usually sharp, clean-cut and pretty straight laced. But if you preferred the more unstructured look, then it will be a more relaxed and versatile style. For all occasions, then have both hanging in your wardrobe. Thinking of buying one, then think about the colour that you would wear the most, look at your... Read More

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Washed out Jeans: A Paler Shade Of Blue

Washed out Jeans: A Paler Shade Of Blue So now the latest trend is washed-out jeans for men, and gone are the days of dark indigo denim, it’s all about lighter this year. This is not to say that they aren’t worn every day by hundreds of guys, just that washed-out jeans are pushed to the front. So go mover the lighter land of the denim world as we are moving towards a paler shade, which is perfect for a more casual look. Now you can buy the faded look,... Read More