October 2015

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Get the Look: James Bond – Daniel Craig

Get the Look: James Bond – Daniel Craig  Daniel Craig, aka James Bond has risen from actor to style icon, and although he is world famous his off-duty dress style has remained the same. Sharp suits and impeccable shoes, and releasing lethal blow to all those 47 years something men who don’t just manage top look as good as him. Off duty, Daniels keeps his fashion style in a low style, no flashy gear but understated everyday civilian attire is all about American workwear, the typical British heritage and of course... Read More

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Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets

Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets Now that the winters chill is well and truly here and there is only a month or so till Christmas, it’s time to get out a good old trusty staple, the puffer jacket. And whilst you may think that although they have been around in your heyday they were in fact invented by a guy more than 75 years ago,  whilst stuck on a freezing cold mountain, and the outerwear originator is Eddie Bauer. So with  him to thank, as far as trends go, the puffer... Read More

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Switch Up Your Winter Coats

Switch Up Your Winter Coats This  season, its time to switch your old winter coats for something more fashionable, not only in style but colour too. As investing in a few coats may seem a tad excessive, but trust us when we say this is the best time to shrug off the winter blues and be stylish. By far the most popular colour on the runways was grey, not that this colour is that unusual, but this winter it’s all about the styling, and coming in a range of grey... Read More

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The Beckham Style

The Beckham Style David Beckham has and probably always be a style icon, and without doubt, the best dressed athlete as in, ever. He is known for the fact that he is not afraid to experiment with his look, as he rarely enlists the help of having a stylist to  give him a fashion nudge. In fact here is a man that leads the way, the manbun, the buzzcut, and the most recent soft undercut with a naturally styled quiff. Not to be taken for a one trick pony, David Beckham regularly... Read More