January 2016

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Grey Is Back

Grey Is Back Grey: so much more a classier colour to wear than black. Its versatility shows no bounds, as it can be layered up with so many colours that are probably dormant in your wardrobe. If you’re not sure about this stormy hue, then think again, as just some other simple colours layered with grey will bring you bang-on-trend for 2016. And the impressive thing about this colour for menswear 2016, is that there are so many ways to adapt and layer this shade, add  a charcoal grey to... Read More

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Three Things to Keep 2016 Keep: Varsity Jackets The Varsity jacket has always been around in mens fashion, but now is the time to ditch those old bomber jackets and upgrade again to varsity. But make sure that you are aware that your ubiquitous layer is suddenly a statement-maker, so keep everything around it plain and simple.. The varsity jacket shows no sign of wavering, which is great because there are now plenty of styles to choose from. From tone-on-tone to contrasting sleeves, affordable to high-end, there are plenty of colour... Read More

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Leather Trousers: Try Them

Leather Trousers: Try Them Not everyone wants to wear leather pants, but believe us they are pushing forward in the fashion stakes. They can be quite a controversial choice if you are a man who likes to stick to your jeans, but worn with the right gear and getting the fit of the trousers right, they can make you as cool as. If you hate the thought of wearing them, then you will hate them, but if you get into the look, you will love them. Wearing leather trousers doesn’t... Read More

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How to wear Brogues

How to wear Brogues Any shoe with the perforations of a brogue is a brogue, no matter if it is a Derby or an Oxford shoe. and brogues come in a variety of colours, the mot classic being brown or black, although nowadays other colours like blue, burgundy and red creep in to make them one solid colour or two-tone. Suede brogues offer a much more casual approach to your look than their leather counterpart, but either way, whether sued or leather, shoes need looking after if you want to... Read More