April 2016

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Tapered or Straight-Leg Chinos

Tapered or Straight-Leg Chinos Some guys definitely prefer the skinny look, some prefer to have some width and movability, but what’s your preference? But with the good old British summer drawing nearer, It’s not to everyones preference to be squeezed into tapered legs during a heatwave. So how do you choose, for straight leg keep things slim fit and feel free to mix a little bit of casual wear with the more formal style. Try going for a more prepped look with a fitted polo shirt and loafers in a... Read More

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Wear White Trousers

Wear White Trousers it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but white jeans or trousers are very in. White often can feel like a formal colour, not to be worn everyday, but it is an easy colour to make and wear into your everyday on-the-street style. The colour white compliments blue, black red and beige perfectly if you don’t want to go the whole way and wear all white, you can downscale the colour with a neutral tee or dark blazer, but with this great colour accessories in brown and brown chukka... Read More

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You Can Wear Floral

You Can Wear Floral Sometimes you can shy away from wearing a floral pattern, whether you think the look is too feminine or whether you have never tried the trend. Formal shirts have always really been associated with the Hawaiian trend, summer holidays and pool side antics, but this look has come along ways, with subtle prints and delicate colours that are well befitting a turn under a suit at the office. So clothes with prints all over them is where it’s at, on t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jumpers and even coats,... Read More

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Socks or Sockless?

Socks or Sockless? All the rage, or a passing whim, that’s the non wearing of socks. It seems to be getting quite a divide on whether you should go sockless or not and undeniably, the showing of the male ankles continues, and the conundrum of whether to wear socks has become this season one of fashion’s key styling issues. So if you’re going to go sockless, then there are a few fashion rules, keep your hems close, and the hem should be no less than 13 and no greater than 15... Read More