March 2017

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Transitioning From Winter to Spring

Transitioning From Winter to Spring Since the transition to spring is a casual one, dressing your self for the warmer weather might seem like a challenge, when you don’t really want to ditch all your winter clothes. It’s all about combing the two for warmer days and colder days and still look the business if the weather catches you out. So you can blend the styles of the seasons with clever use of colours and fabrics. Winter time is always associated with dark colours and spring with pastels, but mix... Read More

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How To Wear It: Short Sleeve Shirts

How To Wear It: Short Sleeve Shirts Spring is coming, and hopefully you guys can start to bring out your warmest weather style, yup, the short sleeved shirt. So you can dump the tie, and bring out the checks, plain and florals add a unstructured jacket and chin’s and presto, your spring style is sorted. The key to wearing a short-sleeved shirt well is keeping the term ‘smart-casual’, by understanding that this wardrobe essential has a certain place in your styling. It won’t sit too well with distressed jeans or... Read More

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Parka up

 Parka up When the weather warm but there is still that nip in the air, it’s time to find a jacket that will suit all types of spring weather. So to get ahead of the curve rather than be left behind at the sartorial barrel and get ahead of the game with a lightweight parka. So these little bad boys will certainly take you from spring through til’ summer, and no you won’t sweat yourself out like a sauna, as they are lightweight and perfect for throwing on over jeans,... Read More

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Expand your Jeans Repertoire

Expand your Jeans Repertoire Every guy loves his jeans, maybe you stick to the same style, same brand, same colour and cut. Maybe you should change. Nowadays there are slim fit, skinny, tapered, wide, ripped, bleached and so the list goes on. There are so many choices to make as designers are always trying to strive for a better fit, cut and fabric, as the seasons go on so does fashion and the quest to get a pair of jeans that will take the season by storm. So, what do... Read More