April 2017

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Skinny Jeans: Get it right

Skinny Jeans: Get it right Skinny jeans are by far, the most popular of jeans to pound the walkways, and the look suits a vast array of the younger generation, even stretching to the more mature man, who feels that he can carry it off. If you are a bigger guy, then getting it right with balance and proportion are immensely important, so go for slim-fit skinny jeans, which will offer you a a similar close cut while better flattering the figure. These are a looser fit, allowing more room for... Read More

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Real Men Wear Pink

Real Men Wear Pink Spring brings colour, and colour this spring mens pink. And pink is the new black. It’s a pretty versatile colour, basically, it can be worn with just about everything, if paired well and surprisingly can give you outfit a rather good look.  A few pointers though, keep accessories to a minimum and pink is the statement colour and less is more.  Pink and white shorts our jeans is a great summer combination, especially with a tan. If you are looking to go casual. Then a pink... Read More

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Baseball Caps: Wearable Every Day

 Baseball Caps: Wearable Every Day Spring and summer are all about caps, keeping the sun out of the eyes and just about looking cool. These baseball caps have been around for decades, all stemming from the baseball culture and carried on ever since, becoming more stylish and more wearable everyday. They have not always been the iconic style as of the days but when they are worn right, with the decent clothes they are a great addition to your wardrobe. Most men have worn a baseball hat sometime in their lives... Read More

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7 Items to Get You Through Spring

7 Items to Get You Through Spring When it comes to getting your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather, it’s all about getting the right clothes that will keep you  looking good on warm days and chilly days.  The Oxford Shirt What one thing looks effortlessly stylish on much much everyone? A crisp white, Oxford shirt. Get one if you can in multiples so that you will always look crispy clean. If you want to go smart-and particularly if you are planning to wear a tie, go for a shirt that... Read More