May 2017

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Armani 2017: Excellence in Fashion

Armani 2017:  Excellence in Fashion Georgio Armani has celebrated more than 40 years of excellence in fashion. You cannot fault the amazing catwalk experiences and campaigns but also his invaluable contribution to the world of design. Armani has multifaceted cultural empire through his invaluable contribution. Founded in 1975 Armani continues to provide quality, sophistication, and style-timeless style, ranging from luxury clothing apparel and jewellery. The men’s collection offers a full range of clothing and footwear, focused around denim, this everyday smart casual look offers much more than just jeans. Get yourself... Read More

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Shorts in the City

Shorts in the City Where do you wear your shorts? At home? Out and about in the town, in the pub on Sunday. As Tom Ford once famously said “ a man should never wear shorts in the city” But maybe it’s time top disagree as the shorts of today look amazing with loafers, polo and blazer. But all this will depend on the style of the shorts, granted you should be think about tailored shorts, especially if you are thinking of wearing them to work, it’s all about bespoke... Read More

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Never Wear A Hat That Has More Character Than You

Never Wear A Hat That Has More Character Than You A hat in the warmer months, not only keeps the sun or rain out of your eyes, but can look darned good too. So you could channel your inner 50s style with a classic trilby or are modern-day fedora or just go for the good old pork pie hat. Whatever you style of topper, make sure that it never has more character than you. The Pork Pie hat was made cool to wear by Breaking Bad’s Walter White, and if you... Read More

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The Summer Coat

The Summer Coat If you’re looking for a summer workhorse piece of outerwear that will get you through a potentially chilly spring days just think of a lightweight coat. Not every one wants to wear blazer, or a bomber jacket, some of you just want to wear a smart 3/4 length lightweight coat that adds that touch of smart outerwear, and worth pulling out, even in the warmer months. Whilst we are used to inclement weather here in Britain it is always a run-the-gauntlet with ‘will it be sunny’ or... Read More