Keep Your Trainers Fresh

Keep Your Trainers Fresh
 You all have a pair of white sneakers or trainers right? You love them, but it’s a total disaster when they get that tell-tell dirty mark. So keeping them white can be quite a challenge, and not only because of the dirt, but the sun also. So keep them clean, yes we know that sounds obvious, but cleaning your trainers regularly will keep them sparkling, as soon as you see a spot or stain, get it off! Keep some specialist trainer wipes, or even baby wipes, just as good!
So unless you are a bona fide trainer addict with a vast wardrobe of different kicks to wear each week, you’ll probably be living in your newest pair, and the impossibility comes with the great British unpredictable weather, so keeping them clean is going to be difficult. Leather trainers or sneakers are probably the easiest to keep clean, just a wipe should be sufficient, but sometimes a little toothpaste is a master at lifting those more stubborn stains.
Just use an old toothbrush and a little water and those faves of yours will be looking as good as new. When it comes to suede it is probably one of the hardest sneakers to keep clean especially when they are white. So make sure before you wear them out to keep that suede protection well and truly covering your shoes! But if your not protected and you’re caught in a downpour, then the suggestion is you let your sneakers dry out  naturally then user a suede brush.

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