September 2017

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Chelsea Boots: Versatile Whatever the Occasion

Chelsea Boots: Versatile Whatever the Occasion Chelsea boots are the boot of the year, you won’t see any street cred guy not sporting these boots sometime during the week. Chelsea boots get the inspiration from mod British of the 60s, probably remembered been worn by the Beatles, so if you want to get that rocker vibe, try wearing them with skinny jeans and a Crombie coat now that the autumn chill has arrived. Or go all out with a leather biker jacket, or for the everyday look, a classic Oxford shirt,... Read More

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Up Your Style Game in Your 40s

Up your style game in your 40s What do you wear now your entering or in your forties. Do you think you’ve nailed to work-to-casual style or do you think you can do with some smartening up? When it comes to dressing, there’s a fundamental difference between fashion and style, and the best way to go is with the latter. What is important in your 40s is to pay attention to fit. Unless your doing the rounds with the gym everyday you wrecking to have to think about relaxing your... Read More

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Beards -The Most On-Trend Accessory

Beards – The most on-trend accessory We all know that beards are the ‘in thing’ at the moment and have been for a few years, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere either. There are many blokes that have no intention of changing their facial growth anytime soon and if your in that group, one thing you need to do is keep it in pristine condition and healthy. You can look around and see that there are a lot of different beard styles to suit different faces so... Read More

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Embrace Autumn/Winter with a Roll Neck Jumper

Embrace Autumn/Winter with a Roll Neck Jumper Roll necks also called turtlenecks or skivvy is a jumper with a close-fitting, round, high neck collar that folds over and covers the neck. So now you know the names of the roll necks, we can see how they can become integrated into a contemporary wardrobe. It’s definitely coming into roll neck season and extra layers becoming the next thing with an autumnal chill taking over a warm day, wearing a roll neck with a nice jacket and dark denim jeans. Top off with... Read More