October 2017

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Beanies: Bringing Personality To Your Look

Beanies: bringing personality to your look Are you ready for your autumn/winter beanie? Don’t just wear them on a Saturday run to the football match or to the local pub, these bad boys can look just as good with your workwear suit and your casual jeans and peacoat. The classic workman’s beanie look has become widely associated with ‘hipster’ style, and besides giving a unique look to your outfit. These little head warmers come with some stylish rules, you just have to remember that it’s a hat that vines with... Read More

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Tattoos: Happiness & Exile

Tattoos: Happiness & Exile Looking to start your first tattoo? Where do you start, with something small on the back or on the arms, legs, torso? The link between tattoos and fashion has been fashionable since the 1860’s and probably before that. So it isn’t that new but in the last few years, tattoos have gone from being something hidden to central and celebrated in Fashion. And while there are many true English men who have tattoos, David Beckham is often the one who we see as having beautiful adornment... Read More

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Gloves: We’ll Hand It To You

Gloves: We’ll hand it to you When it starts to get to that time of the year when your fingers turn a shade of blue from the freezing artic cold, you need something a little better than the fingerless gloves that you’ve had done puberty. So one good accessory that is one must buy this winter is a good pair of gloves, and you might find it surprisingly rewarding as they must keep your fingers warm and be as sleek as hell. And when you put them on you should... Read More

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Wearing a Scarf this Winter?

Wearing a Scarf this Winter? It’s one accessory that men do wear, but sometimes not so well. It is a little tricky to get right but easy enough to chuck on that old scarf having on the back of the door that you’ve had for years. But it’s also easy to get it right, easy to wear, versatile and above all, stylish. So let’s not go for ones that have animals prints all over them, murals or gaudy ones that won’t serve you any purpose that just won’t do anything... Read More