3 Coats You Need This Winter

3 Coats You Need This Winter

Well it’s definitely getting crispy-cold and even more of a good reason to get yourself or put it on your Christmas list, and that’s  a good, and versatile winter coat.

The Peacoat:

A peacoat and boots go hand-in-hand in winter. So mitts time to get a classic, versatile and good-looking peacoat. This versatile little number is great worn with jeans, and even better when you want to up your look with your everyday suit. Just add a scarf and your good to go. Because, we think, a peacoat never really loses it’s style, and will look cool all these years later. If you’re a classic guy who’s going to live in his classic coat for a few years to come, then get a good well made coat, and you will certainly stand the test of time, in style and quality.

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The Puffer

These puffer coats have always been around for years, every years upgraded to great colours, fillings and styles. It’s a necessary winter staple coat, easy to wear, and great for keeping the cold at bay. Make sure they are waterproof resistant and windproof, so that you can stay protected from the elements in the coming months. Now is the time to maybe ditch the safe blue or black, as this season. You can win the style points  with cool colours like burgundy, light blue, grey, and beige that all come in different shapes, from boxy to streamlined, short or a little longer, Wear them as an everyday coat to the footie, or an evening at the pub, but also wear them with you workwear to the office.

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The Mac 

If you’re not really into big coats and wants something a little lighter, then go for a Mac. It’s a classic and easy-to-wear wardrobe must-have, light, and modern and can transform any outfit with a bit of class. You can easily slide into the coat season with this style, and they are practical too. Single buttons, and it’s a more casual coat, or if your going to wear a Mac, then a simple button down front coat is a classic but informal style. A solid navy Mac is also the ultimate outfit unifier, lending structure to a pair of sweats, and even polish to a suit.

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