A Wallet for Christmas: It’ll Last Him Forever

A Wallet for Christmas: It’ll Last Forever

Men are notoriously tricky when it comes to buying presents at Christmas. They fear change, and are the first to profess they don’t need anything for the big Xmas day, yet are needy and are secretly hoping for a very large pile of presents.

Textured leather adds some visual interest 

Armani Jeans Wallets


Buying a wallet for a guy at Christmas is probably one of those
gifts that you might feel would be a little bit boring.

Something to keep your belongings safe while you travel 

Guess Wallet



Well, fear not, as less is more and a wallet is probably the one present a guy will be very happy to have, that is unexpected but necessary. What does the dad, kin, next of skin, brother, mate, uncle or Grandpa, really want – a wallet!

Mix it up with a brighter colour

Ted Baker Wallets


Less is more when it comes to wallets, not every guy wants a huge billfold or a compact wallet that’s so small it doesn’t carry anything but one card. So we’re fans of wallets that are truly good looking but sleek, that fit into your back pocket very nicely. And beautiful leather wallets that come in an array of solid colours and textures that will last, as having a messy old wallet that not only looks bad but is a reflection of the person who owns it to a client or date for example.

A breast wallet is the ultimate mark of sauve business dinner outfitting 

Hugo Boss

And it’s worth buying one for that man that will last a lifetime until granny buys him a new one at the next Christmas.

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