Denimheads: What Jeans Are Right For You

Denimheads: What Jeans Are Right For You

With 2018 nearly upon us, maybe it’s time to upgrade your jeans. But do you know your  jeans fit, or do you just literally go in and but a pair of jeans that are the same as you have always had?  The chances are you have worn your jeans more than any other item in your wardrobe, and have the right fit is pretty important if you want to look your best, your girl will have her special ass jeans , that will always make her look good, do we have three styles that you might want to try in the New Year. It’s key to pay attention to your physique, the length of your leg will certainly warrant a nice pair of fitting jeans, so anything wide will draw attention that you may have skipped a leg day. Men with athletic builds can opt for a little wider on the leg, such as a straight fit, and if you are super skinny or a little shorter, then skinny jeans will always look good.

Slim Leg

Also known as: taped fit, tailored fit

This will be your most versatile shape of jeans for you guys. If you choose top wear this style then you’ll have larger thighs, as they taper down to the ankle and will keep them looking trim on you. And if you’re a little on the shorter size, a lower waistband will elongate your torso.



Skinny fit

Also known as: spray on, super-slim fit

This are not for the fiend hearted and as they say, they are skinny on the leg.. Tailored close to the body, and usually come with a little stretch in the fabric, this is definitely hipster, style. If you are super slim with legs to match, you will be able to pull off this look. And it is definitely up to you whether you go for skin tight. They do look good with Chelsea boots though.

Straight Leg

Also known as: relaxed fit, comfort fit, slouch fit

Straight legs are the ultimate traditional cut, and a perfect for those with an athletic build. Cut straight from the hips and down the legs form the waistband, and id generally a better fir for guys who have narrower hips than their shoulders. If you have a waist size similar to your chest +size or bigger thighs then you could end up with baggy excess material around your lower legs. Straight up and down with tall skinny legs then look out for ‘slim straight’ as opposed to traditional ’slim’ or ‘tailored’ fits

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