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Hugo Boss Green AW13: A Mesmerising Lookbook

Hugo Boss Green AW13: A Mesmerising Lookbook Hugo Boss Green blasts into the AW13 with this lookbook coming in an array of mesmerising colours, that seem at times to be like an artists easel more appropriate  for spring or summer. But for AW it is, and part of this sports inspired collection, seems more fitting for the modern golfer, Brazilian models André Ziehe and Michael Camiloto wander down the runway holding golf clubs, and with more subdued earthy colours being thrown in, this side of the lookbook comes in a... Read More

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Layer up this Winter

Layer up this Winter layering up this winter  is a great reason to get yourself a new winter jacket or coat, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look good. Whether you want a leather coat, quilted, fur collar or tweed, and style is acceptable for AW13. Among the men’s winter coats, classic long and sports models, anoraks, down-padded vests and leather  jackets and classic double-breasted coats, duffle coats, and pea coats  are all in line to be out and about. A good coat will as versatile as... Read More

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How to wear your Basics

How to wear your Basics It’s important that men have their basic in their wardrobes, from the right coloured t-shirts, to jeans and sweatshirts. All these can be matched with that all important staple the denim jeans. The Red T-Shirt The power of colour is in red. Apparently women  perceived men wearing red T-shirts to be significantly more likely to be high in status than men wearing blue T-shirts, and significantly more attractive than when he was wearing a green shirt. in addition to the men in red seeming more... Read More

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Armani Jeans AW 2013 Campaign

Armani Jeans AW 2013 Campaign.  From little acorns, great oak trees grow. And that’s the story from designer Giorgio Armani, who created his fashion empire from very humble roots indeed. After  Armani’s meteoric rise in the fashion world, now the name  Armani shirts and Armani jackets, who see a new range of Armani clothes each season to delight their Armani mens clothes passion. Armani jeans are, of course, a world-leading brand. Armani jeans are popular with men of all heights and builds because of their wide range of fits and... Read More

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G-Star Raw “Destroy to Construct” AW13 Campaign

G-Star Raw “Destroy to Construct” AW13 Campaign A new campaign and a new dramatic, energetic and powerful look from G-Star Raw for this AW13 look. With rock band Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, who also composed the music for the film and the beautiful US ballerina Keenan Kampa, despite coming from opposite creative fields, the rock star and ballerina share a common passion for pushing artistic boundaries. In striking and dark poses, the have personified the campaigns “Destroy to Construct” art of denim celebration. The film is a combination of stills,... Read More

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Boys in Beanies

With the cold weather approaching, it’s time to get those beanies out. Do you think that a beanie is function over fashion? Or do you use your beanie looks for purpose and secondly for the style? So, for all you guys that are late to the winter provisions game, mix and match styles, clash aesthetics and follow your dress style, because wherever you want to wear your beanie, office, street style, or out in the veining, it’s pretty acceptable, except maybe in a formal restaurant. The key way to wear... Read More

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Luke Roper: Luke 1977 Detailed. Masculine. Edgy. British.

Luke Roper: Luke 1977 Detailed. Masculine. Edgy. British. Luke Roper is the genius behind the brand Luke 1977, born in 1977, and rising from his humble start from his native Walsall Wood in the West Midlands, to start his aptly name company of Luke 1977. His  father John worked in farming  and mother was a wedding dress designer, who gave him the early start of love of fashion. Surrounded by fabrics and patterns, it became a natural progression to follow in his mother’s footsteps into the designing world. Developing into... Read More