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How to wear Brogues

How to wear Brogues Any shoe with the perforations of a brogue is a brogue, no matter if it is a Derby or an Oxford shoe. and brogues come in a variety of colours, the mot classic being brown or black, although nowadays other colours like blue, burgundy and red creep in to make them one solid colour or two-tone. Suede brogues offer a much more casual approach to your look than their leather counterpart, but either way, whether sued or leather, shoes need looking after if you want to... Read More

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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas So Christmas is over, but the partying still goes on with the big build up to New Years Eve. This is an occasion where you may want to change your attire for the night out, as you’re probably chomping at the bit to get out and strut your stuff, wherever you’ve been invited. So here are a few suggestions to get you in the festive bring-it-on New Year style, from laid-back to to a smarter, more formal fit, perfect for a more upmarket shindig. So... Read More


The Quiff – 2016

 The Quiff – 2016  As men’s fashion becomes more and more important, so does the hair styles for men. In an ever changing hair world it can become more difficult to keep up with the  styles and moods, but the one that has taken the year by storm is the quiff, and it’s here to stay. The most popular at the moment is the probably the quiff, followed with a beard and the two seem to go together like an old married couple. The quiff comes in may shapes, size and textures,... Read More

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Mens Christmas Gifts!

Mens Christmas Gifts! Have got absolutely no idea what to get him this Christmas? Still stuck about those last minute gifts that will make his day? Our mens Christmas gift selection will have you sighing in relief, and  will give you lots of new ideas for him. Perhaps some new trainers, or an expensive and stylish belt, how about a designer scarf or some great sweatpants for lounging about on Boxing Day! We have backpacks, messenger bags, wallets and of course clothes. Men a notoriously hard to buy for, and... Read More

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How to dress for Christmas!

How to dress for Christmas! Want to smarten for the festive season, or do you want to smarten up that man in your life. Just pairing a crisp white jacket with a smart blazer and adding a tie in the evenings will give the results of suave and sophisticated if you add smart shoes, and maybe a scarf when outside! An alternative to jeans would be chinos and there will be no shortage of colours to mix-and-match if need be. Chinos dress up or down an outfit perfectly, especially if... Read More

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Weekend Black

Weekend Black It is the everlasting colour that we all, like to wear, but sometimes you can give an all black a pop of colour in very subtle ways to give you look and fresh winter style. We all say that black-is-the-new-black, but black comes in many shades, so it’s important to be careful when you put your colours together, for example black does have colour casts, so a black shirt might look slightly purple and your black trousers might have a brown cast. So if you are wearing a... Read More

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Leather Weather – A Jacket for Winter

Leather Weather – A Jacket for Winter If you are going to invest in a leather jacket, then get the best as this is one item of clothing that will last you for years, and age with you as well. It is possible to get a great looking jacket that you can wear to work and switch to a more casual vibe in the evenings with jeans. But the art is how to wear a leather jacket in the winter with out freezing yourself, as it seems to be the norm to... Read More

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Winter White: A Blank Canvas

Winter White: A Blank Canvas   With the onslaught of winter upon us, chilly winds and wet weather, layering up in solid winter colours, greys, black, navy is the one thing that guys do, but how about adding some winter white? It is the perfect neutral colour to anchor bolder pieces to. White will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to add it to your everyday style, as there literally isn’t a hue it won’t go with. The best way to start is probably with... Read More

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Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets

Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets Now that the winters chill is well and truly here and there is only a month or so till Christmas, it’s time to get out a good old trusty staple, the puffer jacket. And whilst you may think that although they have been around in your heyday they were in fact invented by a guy more than 75 years ago,  whilst stuck on a freezing cold mountain, and the outerwear originator is Eddie Bauer. So with  him to thank, as far as trends go, the puffer... Read More

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Switch Up Your Winter Coats

Switch Up Your Winter Coats This  season, its time to switch your old winter coats for something more fashionable, not only in style but colour too. As investing in a few coats may seem a tad excessive, but trust us when we say this is the best time to shrug off the winter blues and be stylish. By far the most popular colour on the runways was grey, not that this colour is that unusual, but this winter it’s all about the styling, and coming in a range of grey... Read More