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It’s Time To Buy A Topcoat Right Now

It’s Time To Buy A Topcoat Right Now It’s all very well having a few jackets, a blazer and maybe a puffer coat in your wardrobe, but you cant beat that quality and classic look of having a topcoat. We know that once you’ve tried one on and seen just how smart it’ll look over your workwear suit, your chinos and turtleneck, jeans and sweater, you’ll be a changed man. Hugo Boss Black The trick to finding a good coat is the cut and details, we’re talking coats cut slim,... Read More

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How To Dress For Those Christmas Parties 

How To Dress For Those Christmas Parties  You have to admit that Christmas brings a great time for parties and time for a little dressing up. Whether you’re going to an informal office party or a little soirée, or a get together Christmas party, you’re going to have to dress the part. So if your party life is relaxed, traditional or just as smart as you can look. Obviously the best party outfit is the one that makes you feel good and also suits the bash. So firstly make sure you... Read More

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Man Bags: Essential Gifts for Christmas

Man Bags: Essential Gifts for Christmas It’s not a myth that men are hard to buy for at Christmas, it’s just getting the right present for the right guy and that means looking at the way he dresses, is he a suit and tie type of guy, that works in the office or is he a guy that runs a local coffee shop, works in a  bank or even works in a shop. E47 by Emporio Armani sporty messenger bag   Guess Messenger shoulders bag They all have... Read More

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5 Great Gifts for Him This Christmas

5 Great Gifts for Him This Christmas It’s not that far away, so we’re here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for him. No really it’s not a myth, and it’s not impossible either. We’ve found five great pieces of Christmas inspiration that make some husband, brother, uncles or best mate, very happy on Christmas morning! Here’s our guide on what you should fill his stocking with….. Hackett Check Blazer/Jacket When there is a time for layering, there are a few pieces that come in more useful then... Read More

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Upgrade Your Bag this Christmas

Upgrade Your Bag this Christmas Accessories: bags, it’s hard to imaging life without one, such an important accessory for todays about-town men, an every day essential that they can take to work, great for shoving in your office folders, laptop, clean shirt, shoes or everything. Call them manbags or whatever you like but ditch the rucksack and smarten up your look. These holdall bags generally give off a great masculine vibe and look great with either casual wear opt smart-to-go suits for work. Darker colours in rich tones set to... Read More

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Sweater Weather at Christmas Nothing says more than sweater weather for the jumpers and cardigans to be brought out for a bit of layering in the chilly weather. But it’s time to upgrade. It’s always a great idea to buy a guy a sweater at Christmas. We know you might not think it’s that original., but with the great variety and knits, and colours we might add, there will be one that will please him, no matter what. Gone are the old ‘grandpa sweater’ styles and in come the new... Read More

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Leather Weather Winter

Leather Weather Winter It’s always known that leather jackets are masculine; it’s really as simple as that. They are great in the winter for layering up, and even the most smoothest of jackets can be associated with toughness and swagger and a good leather jacket will last for decades. So don’t let the most treacherous of weathers shouldn’t let your style take a nasty tumble and with designers brands offering more styles than ever, you will be certainly spoilt for choice or to invest in one. Make the right choice... Read More

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How to dress for Christmas!

How to dress for Christmas! Want to smarten for the festive season, or do you want to smarten up that man in your life. Just pairing a crisp white jacket with a smart blazer and adding a tie in the evenings will give the results of suave and sophisticated if you add smart shoes, and maybe a scarf when outside! An alternative to jeans would be chinos and there will be no shortage of colours to mix-and-match if need be. Chinos dress up or down an outfit perfectly, especially if... Read More

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Leather Weather – A Jacket for Winter

Leather Weather – A Jacket for Winter If you are going to invest in a leather jacket, then get the best as this is one item of clothing that will last you for years, and age with you as well. It is possible to get a great looking jacket that you can wear to work and switch to a more casual vibe in the evenings with jeans. But the art is how to wear a leather jacket in the winter with out freezing yourself, as it seems to be the norm to... Read More

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Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets

Winter Staple: Puffer Jackets Now that the winters chill is well and truly here and there is only a month or so till Christmas, it’s time to get out a good old trusty staple, the puffer jacket. And whilst you may think that although they have been around in your heyday they were in fact invented by a guy more than 75 years ago,  whilst stuck on a freezing cold mountain, and the outerwear originator is Eddie Bauer. So with  him to thank, as far as trends go, the puffer... Read More