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Skinny Jeans: Get it right

Skinny Jeans: Get it right Skinny jeans are by far, the most popular of jeans to pound the walkways, and the look suits a vast array of the younger generation, even stretching to the more mature man, who feels that he can carry it off. If you are a bigger guy, then getting it right with balance and proportion are immensely important, so go for slim-fit skinny jeans, which will offer you a a similar close cut while better flattering the figure. These are a looser fit, allowing more room for... Read More

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Expand your Jeans Repertoire

Expand your Jeans Repertoire Every guy loves his jeans, maybe you stick to the same style, same brand, same colour and cut. Maybe you should change. Nowadays there are slim fit, skinny, tapered, wide, ripped, bleached and so the list goes on. There are so many choices to make as designers are always trying to strive for a better fit, cut and fabric, as the seasons go on so does fashion and the quest to get a pair of jeans that will take the season by storm. So, what do... Read More

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How to Get it Right: Wearing Blazer and Jeans

How to Get it Right: Wearing Blazer and Jeans Summer is all about wearing smart-casual and that’s all about wearing a blazer and jeans. But there is knack to this by getting right. It’s one of the most appealing looks for guys, an old blazer or a worn pair of jeans, but maybe it’s time to look at the options,, for there, any occasions where you can master your look and up the blazer and jeans game. After all, if you don’t get the look right you will look old... Read More

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Armani Jeans Fit Guide

We here at Sage Clothing understand that when shopping online it can be difficult to know which jeans are going to to fit you exactly the way you want. We work hard to provide you with detailed descriptions on each item and have now also prepared the following in depth Armani Jeans Fit guide as further help: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the following link or call us on 020 8952 2404.