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Tattoos: Happiness & Exile

Tattoos: Happiness & Exile Looking to start your first tattoo? Where do you start, with something small on the back or on the arms, legs, torso? The link between tattoos and fashion has been fashionable since the 1860’s and probably before that. So it isn’t that new but in the last few years, tattoos have gone from being something hidden to central and celebrated in Fashion. And while there are many true English men who have tattoos, David Beckham is often the one who we see as having beautiful adornment... Read More

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Weekend Trackuits

Weekend Trackuits Want to wear a tracksuit without looking like it’s one of the trickiest things you put on in the morning. You need to look sharp, no baggy tops or bottoms, worn out and looking old. You need to always wear the same brand. Always. Performance-designed tracksuits should be good enough to take you from footie field to cocktail hour, that are easy to wear and in fabrics and finishes, as in back in the day, tracksuits were very expensive and were a sign of affluence. Now they are... Read More

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Three Things to Keep 2016 Keep: Varsity Jackets The Varsity jacket has always been around in mens fashion, but now is the time to ditch those old bomber jackets and upgrade again to varsity. But make sure that you are aware that your ubiquitous layer is suddenly a statement-maker, so keep everything around it plain and simple.. The varsity jacket shows no sign of wavering, which is great because there are now plenty of styles to choose from. From tone-on-tone to contrasting sleeves, affordable to high-end, there are plenty of colour... Read More