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Beards -The Most On-Trend Accessory

Beards – The most on-trend accessory We all know that beards are the ‘in thing’ at the moment and have been for a few years, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere either. There are many blokes that have no intention of changing their facial growth anytime soon and if your in that group, one thing you need to do is keep it in pristine condition and healthy. You can look around and see that there are a lot of different beard styles to suit different faces so... Read More

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The Beckham Style

The Beckham Style David Beckham has and probably always be a style icon, and without doubt, the best dressed athlete as in, ever. He is known for the fact that he is not afraid to experiment with his look, as he rarely enlists the help of having a stylist to  give him a fashion nudge. In fact here is a man that leads the way, the manbun, the buzzcut, and the most recent soft undercut with a naturally styled quiff. Not to be taken for a one trick pony, David Beckham regularly... Read More

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Style Icon: Nick Wooster

Style Icon: Nick Wooster “There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.” – Nick Wooster The retail maven and street-style star Nick Wooster, his full name, Nickelson Wooster, is a man knows how to put together an outfit. Bringing on Nick Wooster, perhaps the most famous man and definitely the most famous moustache in men’s-wear. With slicked back 50s-style hair, beard, tailored suits, crisp shirts and striped ties is a a well groomed gentleman.... Read More


How Will You Style Your Hair in 2014

How Will You Style Your Hair in 2014 How will you be styling your hair this year, men’s hair trends are more daring and much bolder than previous season designs, so choose a great new style in 2014 to suit your personality. And does it seem that the ever changing styles are based mainly on how the celebrities style theirs? David Beckham is undoubtably a major influence on mens hair styles, how he wears his, how he constantly changes his looks and how it keeps the guys working and changing... Read More