Nick Wooster

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Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black What goes around, comes around, and once again we are seeing orange back on the fashion radar. It may not be every guys colour choice, but don’t dismiss it before you see  just what a great colour this is for trying a fashion hand and having fun taking new inspiration. The runways were awash with some designers bringing in this happy mood boosting shade, where single orange pieces, in trousers, bomber jackets and knitwear with subtle panelling. But the way to wear this bold colour is... Read More

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Style Icon: Nick Wooster

Style Icon: Nick Wooster “There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.” – Nick Wooster The retail maven and street-style star Nick Wooster, his full name, Nickelson Wooster, is a man knows how to put together an outfit. Bringing on Nick Wooster, perhaps the most famous man and definitely the most famous moustache in men’s-wear. With slicked back 50s-style hair, beard, tailored suits, crisp shirts and striped ties is a a well groomed gentleman.... Read More