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The Vivienne Westwood Shirt Sale: “Buy less. Choose Well. Quality, not Quantity”

The Vivienne Westwood Shirt Sale: “Buy less. Choose well. Quality, not Quantity” Vivienne Westwood is best known for her past introduction of punk attitude and culture, her orange hair that dragged the punk culture into the mainstream of fashion. Starting her humble beginnings in Kings Road London in Malcolm McLaren’s shop, Vivienne Westwood is almost certainly one of the greatest living designer. Now a Dame, Vivienne Westwood’s popularity knows no bounds and her englishness undiminished at the forefront of the revolutionary fashion for over 30 years . Every guy will... Read More

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Chino Summer 2014

Chino Summer 2014 Get ready to add some colour to your wardrobe, it’s time to have your jeans chucked on the floor and have colourful chinos takeover the wardrobe. Chinos were originally designed as tough fabric for soldiers of Britain and then adapted by American Army and has its root back to 1800s. The original fabric “Chino” was first manufactured in China , leading it to be named “Chino”, but it is also debated that chino is a word adapted from Spanish word chino meaning ‘twisted’. For the man who thinks... Read More

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Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2014

Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2014 This season the Antony Morato SS14 campaign has gone colourful, but not in the terms of brights within their clothing, but in putting their collection by  presenting them in three different lines: gold, silver and black  and each line have their own themes, inspiration and aesthetics. The brand was  launched in 2007 by brothers Lello, Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli,  and their object is to continues to push forward to create a name for itself in the menswear market. The GOLD line focuses on denim with a... Read More

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Weekend Cool: T-shirts and Polo Shirts

Weekend Cool: T-shirts and Polo Shirts It’s summer, and nows the time to get out the linen trousers, chinos and shorts, topped up with the ever perennial t-shirts and polo  shirts. Now worn by nearly every man in the world,  t-shirts and polo shirts  have become the most worn, next to the shirt for casual office wear, weekend cool guy, beach relaxed style. For something more weekends, take things down a notch by teaming with a white t-shirt with navy chinos and brown loafers for a night on the town,... Read More

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Flip-Flops: Cool For Feet

Flip-Flops: Summer Footwear Staple With summer upon us, it’s time to get the appropriate footwear out. So what to wear when the weather gets really hot, or your off on vacation? The answer for a lot of guys is flip-flops. Still deemed by some as inappropriate and too feminine, there are many styles about at the moment that are good looking and manly and flip flops include a variety of shoe types. In the summer flip flops are the ultimate in warm-weather convenience. Usually quite lightweight, easy to get on... Read More

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The long and short of it: Men’s swimwear

The long and short of it: Men’s swimwear  Now is the time to get ready for your days of sun, sand and beach. And the old age question is what swimwear do you wear that will make you look the coolest guy walking on the sand. Trunks or briefs, and yet there have never been so many acceptable styles of swimwear options for men: Speedos now mingle alongside board shorts and sporty retro styles on the beach to boardshorts. And yet there have never been so many acceptable swimwear options... Read More

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Holiday Wear: Beach to Bar

Holiday Wear: Beach to Bar Getting ready for your summer vacation? Looking forward to hitting the beach, bars and sea? Just as important as preparing for summer is having a summer ready wardrobe. Whether you’re planning on going to the local beach or on an exotic Caribbean trip, make sure all your essential beach attire is looking good. It’s important that you wear shorts that will take you from beach-to-bar, that you can change with a polo to shirt, from flip-flops to loafers. Summer shorts vary from cargo to denim,... Read More

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Short Sleeved Shirts: Summer Sorted

Short Sleeved Shirts: Summer Sorted  Short sleeved shirts create the perfect casual look, it’s a shirt that can be worn with everything from a suit to shorts. But the key to wearing a shirt is in the style and pattern and HOW you wear it. The first is that short-sleeved shirts should never be worn with a tie or any sort of neckwear. Short sleeved shirts have come a long way since the traditional white button down and now come in a massive selection of styles, colours and patterns. Whatever... Read More

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Father’s Day: Time for the perfect gift

Father’s Day: Time for the perfect gift  Need a little nudge in the gift direction? Sometimes it’s nice to give your dad something other than gadgets or a bottle of whisky. Here at Sage Clothing we have everything for the down-to-earth dad, the classic dad and the ultimate dad.  The Classic Dad Does your dad need a wallet upgrade? It’s probably the one thing that men tend to leave until their wallet is completely worn out, and here at Sage Clothing we have some rather special genuine leather options with... Read More

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Style Icon: Nick Wooster

Style Icon: Nick Wooster “There are no absolutes. For every rule there is, it’s made to be broken and if you have style you can wear anything you want.” – Nick Wooster The retail maven and street-style star Nick Wooster, his full name, Nickelson Wooster, is a man knows how to put together an outfit. Bringing on Nick Wooster, perhaps the most famous man and definitely the most famous moustache in men’s-wear. With slicked back 50s-style hair, beard, tailored suits, crisp shirts and striped ties is a a well groomed gentleman.... Read More